All You Need to Know About Oğuzhan Karbi of “Ask Laftan Anlamaz”


Oğuzhan Karbi Biography

Oğuzhan Karbi (Also known as Doruk Sarsilmaz in show) is an Turkish actor, known for his beautiful role in TV show “Ask Laftan Anlamaz”. Oğuzhan Karbi is an beautiful actor born on 26 May, 1992 (Current age is 25 Years) in Turkey. Oğuzhan Karbi graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts, Bodrum.

Oğuzhan Karbi, apart from a great actor is also a great human being. He became famous after getting work in the show “Ask Laftan Anlamaz” which helped him to make his personality as an actor much better. Thing which we should note about Oğuzhan Karbi is that he has arount 850K Followers on Instagram even he is not so popular in many countries of the world. However, He has a great personality and character which is a major factor in his success.

Oğuzhan Karbi Girlfriend – Relationship (Status)

Currently, many of our resources have informed us that Oğuzhan Karbi is dating Özcan Tekdemir who is also a character of the popular show “Ask Laftan Anlamaz”. We have also seen Özcan Tekdemir and Oguzhan Karbi in “Ask Laftan Anlamaz” together.

Oğuzhan Karbi Age

He was born on 26 May, 1992. So, as per the calculations, His Age is 25 Years till September 2017.

Oğuzhan Karbi Religion

He belongs to “Karbi” Tribe. They are also called “Karbi Christians”. Karbi Tribe is still in practicing their belief system.

Oğuzhan Karbi Height

His height is between 160 cm to 185 cm.

Oğuzhan Karbi Birthday

His birthday comes on May 26 of each year.

Oğuzhan Karbi Birth Place

This Information is Not Yet Available.

Oğuzhan Karbi Star Sign

His Start Sign is Gemini.

Oğuzhan Karbi Eye Color

His eye color is Blue.

Oğuzhan Karbi Hair Color

His Hair Color is Light Brown.

Oğuzhan Karbi Snapchat

He is on snapchat with username @oguzhankoct

Oğuzhan Karbi Instagram

He is on instagram with username @oguzhankoct


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